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As one of the eager participants of this project.....I am looking forward to seeing other peoples designs and colour choices - although will apologise in advance for my star choice.......always a give with me


I'd love to join in, this sounds like great fun.
I know my colour scheme already, now to decide on a block.
Thanks for the invite. :-)


It sounds like fun, but I need to think about whather I would have time to commit.

Just one thought: if some of the participants are not from Australia, perhaps there should be an option to mail the fabric out earlier, say halfway through the proceeding month. The theme could still be announced on the first Wednesday.


Excellent idea! Ive added a note about this - making the 20th the postage date for overseas participants.

To: relish@live.com.au

Monika Bauer

I would love to join in.
Let me know when you have the complete list of participants etc.


I'm totally excited about it - count me in!



I'm very excited about your 12 panels idea - i think I may have even found a block pattern that I like :)


Sounds great - count me in!

Megan Enright

I'm in wholeheartedly - how great to unite with quilters from far and wide. Thanks Julieaw


I am on the east coast in the USA, is there any chance you wouldn't mind having me in the bee? I would really like to do an international bee.


Me too, if I'm not too late. I'm in the UK, but more than happy to do an international bee.


Hi, Ladies,

Donna told me about you guys, and if you have room, I'd love to participate. It sounds like great fun. I'm in Texas, but a little postage doesn't scare me:-)


Thanks for inviting me to join in on the fun. I have actually found a local Bee. I look forward to seeing what everyone creates through this bee.


are you full? I'm in California, but would LOVE to join...


Wow what an awesome response!

We the few of us in the same place got together last night and I have my fabrics cut and ready to go in the post today. Relish will be posting more details here sometime in the next 24 hrs. Thanks everyone for your awesome response. I look forward to seeing each creation.

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