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Happy to help, will send asap.


count me in, will gather together and send asap.


Can help with both. Will do a couple of blocks of green, and will send a few strips of black and white prints - I don't have much red. Do these need to be selvedge to selvedge strips, or will WOF FQ strips be okay?
Good on you for sending your friends with a warm quilt made with love, to help them on their road to recovery.
Kelly :-)


I'd love to help. Count me in!
I'll get to it over the next week.
Abbe :o)


hey chickie, send me your addy and I will add to the cause in both colourways.


Yes, would love to help. Will bring the blocks along next weekend. Liz (do you need them sooner?)


Hi Liz

Next weekend would be great - Ill be going madly this week with the ones Im making so next weekend would be lovely. I hope to get them finished by the following Friday...


To: relish@live.com.au

Monika Bauer

I would love to help as well.

I have HEAPS of green (my fav colour and I am collecting green for a string quilt).


I would be thrilled to help. I have lots of all of those colours, so will get them ready for when I see you next weekend. Alex.


I'll pop some blocks and strips if i have anything suitable in the post next week.


I've been cutting my greens into 2 1/2 inch strips, so that's cool. But my reds, whites and blacks aren't long enough to be WOF size. Do you want shorter 2 1/2 strips? Alex.


I can do some for you, I have loads of green left from my own block month. Will have a go over the weekend. Nicola

Ange Moore

I'd be happy to help out - I definitely have some greens but might struggle with the black, white and red (but will have a look-see tonight).

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